Eagle & Falcon Bootcamp


Fitness Solved!

Every bit of these bootcamp classes are built completely for busy parents & time-strapped professionals! You’re invited to get the most effective workout in 40 mins! The goal is to give you your time back to concentrate on the rest of your busy day after improving your health & wellbeing.

Our fitness program has 4 major objectives!
1. Make sure you get stronger, perhaps the strongest you’ve ever felt, as you work your way to a leaner body.
2. Increase your energy to tackle your entire day.
3. Strengthen your mobility to enjoy longer years of freedom with the ones you love.
4. Decrease body fat. An approach that we find more important than simply losing weight.

We have 2 different marquee bootcamps to accomplish these objectives!
Eagle Bootcamp: primarily strength training
Falcon Bootcamp: primarily cardio training

The exercise selections in each offer aspects of strength, cardio & mobility. Our Eagle Bootcamp will compromise of more resistance exercises and our Falcon Bootcamp is made up of more cardio exercises.

Rocky Parejo

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