First Timers

Welcome to your fitness journey with 925 Wellbeing. We are happy you chose us for your fitness goals.

A Step-by-Step Approach For Your First Day

Step 1
Things to Bring Along

- Extra pair of indoor shoes
- Mask
- Water bottle
You will be provided with your own sanitizer kit, which includes a sanitizer spray bottle, paper towel and your own tub to keep your personal items.

Step 2
Upon Arrival

You'll be greeted by the trainer, walked through the studio, fully explained the style of workout for that day with the timing and the way the class will move through the room. You'll be introduced to the class as new to 925.

It's Exercise Time!

Each exercise is demonstrated and the timing of the circuit is explained before class gets started. We understand that this can be a brand new experience for you and uncomfortable. We will make sure to check in with you often during the class. Our trainer will always be there to help and assist.

After The Workout Session

We ask that you stick around for a few minutes to find out how your experience was and we hope to see you again.

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